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Property valuation for private bank

Credit risk analysis: a privileged partner for private banks when it comes to real estate valuations

BNP Paribas Real Estate - Valuation France assists private banks in their real estate valuation projects on a case-by-case basis. Whether the goal is to meet their real estate risk analysis needs (mortgage loans or outstanding amount analysis), meet legal obligations or advise their clients on asset management, our valuers are there to advise private banks throughout the real estate valuation cycle. 

Our teams of specialised experts value prestigious real estate properties, as well as assets held by high-end clients (particularly corporate real estate). The strength of our network, particularly in areas with a high concentration of exceptional properties, allows us to intervene with quickly and efficiently. Our in-depth knowledge of real estate risk analysis issues in financing transactions makes us a partner of choice for private banks in their property valuations.

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Real Estate Risk Analysis

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Most of the time, private banks require their customers to have an estimate of the asset to be financed before a loan is granted. They can also use real estate valuation services to monitor outstanding loans and ensure the quality of their guarantees. Real estate valuation is therefore an essential tool for the analysis of risks for private banks. This is all the more so since the assets concerned are, in most cases, exceptional, high-value assets whose liquidity may be uncertain, particularly in the event of unfavourable market developments.


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As an independent subsidiary of a major banking group, BNP Paribas Real Estate - Valuation guarantees private banks detailed knowledge of financing and risk analysis issues. We cover all geographical areas in France and Europe and have teams of experts specialised by asset type, whether its residential real estate or tertiary assets. Our valuers are experienced in prestigious real estate, with a refined knowledge of these particularly narrow, evolutive and confidential sectorial markets.

Obligations and Regulations

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The European Mortgage Credit Directive (Mortgage Credit Directive) requires private banks to contact a real estate valuer to assess a residential property before granting credit. The Capital Requirement Regulation (CRR) requires regular evaluations in residential property (every three years) and commercial assets (every year). 


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BNP Paribas Real Estate - Valuation is able to handle large volumes of valuations throughout Europe. Our streamlined processes enable us to offer private banks reliable solutions with controlled costs, whether you wish to meet legal obligations or comply with rules set by internal risk analysis departments.

Heritage Advice

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The privileged relationships that private banks maintain with their high-end clients frequently lead them to position themselves as advisors. They refer clients to real estate valuation services capable of quickly assessing large and sometimes highly diversified assets.


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The problems of private banking clients are multifaceted and frequently require the use of real estate valuations. BNP Paribas Real Estate - Valuation provides valuation services to meet all these needs, with a comprehensive knowledge of different asset types for high-end clients. Whether you wish to value and asset for an Inheritance, donation, sharing, acquisition or sale, execution of works, creation of an ICS or tax optimisation, our valuers can guide you through the valuation process quickly and efficiently. 

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Our mastery of all asset types, our in-depth experience in the prestige real estate sector in France and Europe and our in-depth knowledge of risk analysis for financing activities make BNP Paribas Real Estate- Valuation France the preferred partner for private banks in terms of real estate valuation.

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