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Contribute to determining the net asset value of your unit

Contribute to determining the net asset value of your unit

BNP Paribas Real Estate - Valuation offers OPCIs tailor-made support and efficiency at every stage of the valuation of their assets. Our valuations enable you to meet legal obligations, obtain relevant valuations available at the time of entry of your assets, and protect you against tax risk.

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Responding to legal obligations

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In order to comply with the legal obligations set by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), OPCIs must regularly determine the net asset value of their units. OPCIs for the general public are required to have a quarterly valuation carried out by two experts: the first determines the value of the assets and the second provides a critical review of this value. These roles rotate each year. Professional OPCIs (OPPCIs), with simplified operating rules (RFA), must carry out a valuation twice a year. In the latter case, only one expert may be selected.


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As a founding member of AFREXIM, BNP Paribas Real Estate - Valuation guarantees portfolio management companies that manage the OPCIs thorough processes and absolute compliance with deadlines linked to their legal obligations. Our experts RICS and REV (Recognised European Valuer) evaluate all asset types with reactivity and precision to provide a reliable determination of the net asset value of the unit. Our dedicated teams, present locally in France and Europe, meet the needs of all OPCIs, regardless of their size and asset mix.

Estimation at the entry of assets

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It is preferable for the OPCIs to have a real estate valuation carried out before acquiring an asset. In particular, this enables them to protect themselves against the risk of a valuation difference between the acquisition price and the value determined at the time of an appraisal in the context of legal obligations and to justify their choice of acquisition to their shareholders. 


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Our territorial network and experience as a European leader in real estate valuation make us privileged partners for OPCIs. Our experts rely on BNP Paribas Real Estate's Research and Data Analysis services to analyse and exploit comprehensive and qualitative information on markets, regulations and products. These assets enable us to offer OPCIs relevant and reliable expertise.

Protecting against tax risk

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In recent years, the breakdown of the purchase price of a real estate complex between land and construction has received new attention from tax authorities: the administration may have to contest the breakdown made by the taxpayer. Recent jurisprudence, through the decisions of the Council of State in 2016, now requires that the cost of a real estate complex be broken down definitively between land and construction at the date of entry into the asset portfolio.


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Land/construction breakdown is a delicate subject: the value of the share of land is more variable than the cost of construction, and it can be decoupled from the market value due to the characteristics of the share of land. BNP Paribas Real Estate - Valuation helps OPCIs protect themselves against the tax risk linked to a discrepancy with the administration in terms of land/construction breakdown: our experts combine the approaches and methodologies recommended by the State Council's decisions in order to refine this information as accurately and as closely as possible to the client's interests.

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BNP Paribas Real Estate Valuation France is a European leader in real estate valuation. The territorial network and the size of our multi-specialised teams guarantee you reliable assessments, in compliance with legal deadlines.

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