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Valuation for healthcare properties: hospitals, nursing home (EPHAD), monovalent & regulated assets

Health care properties are monovalent, meaning their conversion to another activity is difficult to achieve. In addition, they are characterised by strong public regulation. This is why BNP Paribas Real Estate - Valuation adopts specific approaches to value healthcare properties, whether they are clinics (medical centres, maternity wards, psychiatric hospitals, medical and surgical centres) or EHPAD (retirement homes, medical and social institutions). 

To understand the value of healthcare real estate assets as accurately as possible, we draw on our expertise in analysing and operating accounts and thoroughly study the sector's complex and ever-evolving regulations. Thanks to our local offices, we can assess the quality of the location of a clinic or an EHPAD, based on a precise knowledge of the needs of each region.

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The valuation of health care properties is highly dependent on their location, operating conditions and ability to support rental costs. In addition to the strength of our regional network, which guarantees the relevance of our analyses, our valuers bring you their solid expertise in monitoring regulatory developments.

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