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For every type of asset, BNP Paribas Real Estate Valuation France teams cover all asset types across France thanks to its 11 regional offices valuing assets in: Rouen, Paris, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Nice, Strasbourg and Toulouse

Lyon has a booming property market thanks to numerous development projects and a thriving technology sector. Our property experts understand local market value in Lyon and its surrounding suburbs.

Property valuation in Lyon

Our property valuers in Lyon are specialised by property asset type to better respond the property valuation needs of our clients in Lyon’s different submarkets thanks to extensive market insights from our Research and Data Analytics department.

Understanding Property Value in Lyon

With a population of approximately 500,000* in Lyon and 1.3 million in the Greater Lyon area, Lyon is France’s third largest city. The capital of gastronomy has long attracted occupiers, investors and banks, thanks to its dynamic business environment and historic Old town, “Vieux Lyon.”  

The city is a major player in the French start-up and technology sectors. With five distinct business districts, Lyon is an attractive location for entrepreneurs. The city also has an extensive network of coworking spaces and participates in French Tech, a programme that supports start-ups across France. Its rich start-up scene has made Lyon one of the best cities to start a business in France: over 350 start-ups have made Lyon their home. 

Lyon is undergoing a dramatic transformation as significant areas in its city centre are renovated and refurbished to answer increasing demand. Current development projects include: Le Grand Hôtel Dieu (2018), a new shopping centre in Part Dieu (2020) and a new train station in the Part Dieu district (2022). 

The city is also a top destination for business travellers; Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Airport has the 4th largest passenger traffic in France. Lyon’s transport system is also well developed with metro, tram, bus and cable car services.  

Property value in Lyon’s main business districts

Property valuation in Lyon Part-Dieu


Lyon’s five main business districts each have their own urban renewal schemes in place to attract occupiers, investors and banks in coming years. Whether you wish to value retail, hotel, residential or logistics property in Lyon, our valuers can help you in your property valuations across the city. 

Lyon Part-Dieu is Lyon’s central business district. Over 2,000 companies have set up headquarters in the area. The construction of the Part-Dieu shopping centre which lies between the city’s TGV station and “Vieux Lyon,” is one of the largest development projects taking place in the city. 

Gerland is just 14 minutes from the Part-Dieu district by train. Its largest neighbourhood, ZAC des Girondins will see 19 renovation programmes in 2017. One programme, Zac du Bon Lait, will develop 24, 000 sq m of office space and 6 000 sq m of retail and commercial space.** Together, the projects will renew 45 % **of total public space to improve occupier experience. In addition, recent renovations at the Raymond Barre bridge and an extension of the T1 tramway bridge have increased mobility in the district. 


Property valuation in Villeurbanne





Villeurbanne is home to the famous Gratte-Ciel business park, a historic complex of art deco towers along Avenue Henri Barbusse. “Gratte-Ciel Centre-Ville” is a project that aims to refurbish the historic towers and add retail and public spaces nearby to further develop the neighbourhood for mixed-use by 2027. 





Property valuation in Carré de Soie





Carré de Soie is a traditionally industrial neighbourhood in East Lyon. At just 11 minutes from Part-Dieu by tramway, and 14 minutes from Presqu'île by metro, it is a favourite of occupiers in the industrial sector. Numerous renovation projects make the area an attractive location for investment: Projects such as Vaulx-en-Velin la Soie, Villeurbanne la Soie, Projet Gimenez and Vaulx-en-Velin les Brosses, aim to repurpose warehouses into residential buildings, preserve historic monuments and ameliorate circulation in the district centre. 





Property valuation in the Northwest district of Lyon




The Northwest district of Lyon is home to the historical centre of Presqu’île. A major tourist attraction and retail destination, Presqu’île is undergoing a complete renovation of all of its public spaces through to 2020. Historic monuments such as Louis-Pradel plaza and the Bartholdi fountain will be refurbished while pavestones along the district’s Rue de la République will be repaired. 




Property valuation in Lyon Confluence



Lyon Confluence lies within the new southern district of Lyon’s 2nd arrondissement and forms the Presqu'île neighbourhood. Connections to the city’s other business districts via the Gare de Perrache station make it an ideal centre for businesses and entrepreneurs. Major multinational companies have made Confluence their home. Mixed-use spaces around the area have drawn occupiers, investors and banks to the district’s Baya Access and Empreinte neighbourhoods. An urban development programme is in place to increase the area’s overall urban space to answer to increasing demand. 

Lyon is a rich and diverse property market. With market insights from our dedicated Research and analytics department, our valuers can guide you in the valuation of your property in Lyon. 


*Source: World Bank



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