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BNP Paribas Real Estate Valuation France property valuers cover all of France’s regional markets via 11 offices valuing assets in: Rouen, Paris, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Nice, Strasbourg and Toulouse

With its booming wine and tourism industries, Bordeaux is a dynamic property market with a diversity of asset classes. Our property valuers understand local market and rental values and can guide you in your property valuations in the city’s different property markets.

Property valuation in Bordeaux

Thanks to insights from our data and analytics departments, our real estate valuers understand the subtleties of the Bordeaux property market and can help you best estimate the property value of your property assets in France’s wine capital.

Understanding property value in Bordeaux

With a population of approximately 245,000*, the city of Bordeaux is the 6th largest urban area in France. Its economy is heavily based on its wine and tourism industries. In addition, thanks to an urban development programme in the city’s main business districts, including Euratlantique, Bordeaux has become a destination of choice to start a business in France.

Bordeaux is home to one of Europe’s largest urban areas preserved in the 18th century style. Over 100,000 hectares of vineyards make Bordeaux a world-renowned wine capital. Millions of tourists visit Bordeaux’s old town to see historical buildings such as Place de Quinconces and Saint André Cathedral. On average, 6 million travellers visit the city each year, in part thanks to maritime traffic along the city’s port and its airline connections through Bordeaux international airport.** In addition, as a member of France’s French Tech initiative, Bordeaux is home to 300 start-ups and 17 incubators. Members of the Net Economy are also contributing to the city’s development. 

Occupiers benefit from the city’s high speed train connection linking the city to Paris within 2 hours. Bordeaux airport serves 150 flights each day to both national and international destinations around Europe, facilitating business travel. Bordeaux’s transport networks include bus, tram, water taxi and a bike share service. Construction on the city’s tramway aims to facilitate mobility across the city by 2019.  

Whether you wish to estimate the property value of a commercial, logistics or retail asset in Bordeaux, our valuers can help value your property thanks to market insights from our Research and Data analytics department.

Property value in Bordeaux’s submarkets

While its primary industries are wine and tourism, the greater Bordeaux region is transforming to attract occupiers, investors and banks in all sectors of activity through urban renovation and renewal projects to expand its business districts. 

Bordeaux Euratlantique is a programme that aims to increase city’s total office space by 150,000 sq. m and position itself as a centre for business. The project includes the refurbishment of the university campus. 

The project also aims to increase the city’s ecological efforts. Developments to expand public green spaces, such as the addition of a garden within the Parc aux Angéliques in the Quartier Deschamps and the creation of a promenade along the quays in the Quartier Creative de Paludate add to the city’s green value.***The city has also vowed to use digital BIM modelling in all construction projects starting in 2022. The program allows developers to monitor energy efficiency in real time.***

Amongst the other important business districts for occupiers, investors and banks, there are also the Mériadeck district, the former industrial area of Bassins à Flots, which will be renovated by 2020, and the neighbouring airport town Mérignac.  

The Bordeaux property market has much to offer occupiers, investors and banks. This is why our valuers are specialised by asset type to guide you in your property valuations in the city’s various submarkets. 


Our team in Bordeaux :

Our senior valuers in Bordeaux have a well-developed understanding of each of Bordeaux submarkets. They understand local market and rental values and can use their knowledge of real estate trends to value your properties from the heart of Bordeaux to its surrounding suburbs. 


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**Source: Presse.Bordeaux




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