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For every type of asset, BNP Paribas Real Estate – Valuation has local real estate experts covering the whole of Slovakia for the valuation of a wide variety of property assets.

Property valuation in Slovakia

BNP Paribas Real Estate – Valuation is able to address the property valuation needs of clients for all real estate asset types in Slovakia with both national and international property expertise thanks to a dedicated research and analytics department.

Understanding Slovakian property value

With a population of approximately 5.4 million*, Slovakia’s location in the CEE region facilitates trade and business exchanges with neighbouring capital cities: Prague, Vienna, Warsaw, Kiev and Budapest

In 2016, total investment volume in the Slovakian property market reached €850 million, a record level. **The highest share of investment was placed in the retail sector with 50%, followed by industrial assets with 30%, offices 15% and the remainder by mixed-use urban projects.

Infrastructure is a key element in property valuation, and Slovakia’s infrastructure is well-developed thanks to EU Funding initiatives. A new trans-regional D1 motorway from Bratislava to the eastern border links the city to neighbouring Poland and Czech Republic.

Our experts understand the importance of such elements in the valuation of your property in Slovakia. Whether you’re an investor, occupier or bank, our valuers understand local market and rent values and can help you perform property valuations based on asset type and location in Slovakia.

Property valuation in the main Slovakian business districts

Property Valuation in Bratislava



With a population of 430,000, Bratislava is both Slovakia’s capital and largest city. Because of high purchasing power, the city is full of retail businesses. Bratislava’s old town, Staré mesto, is lined with retail shops, and Greater Bratislava boasts 7 major shopping centres, including a mixed-use project called Eurovea. The complex combines business, retail and residential assets and is strategically located along the Danube riverbank, connecting occupiers to the city centre. Staré mesto is also home to a number of mixed use projects along Karadžičova Street and Dostrojevského Rad Street. Both complexes border the city’s central business district to facilitate commutes for occupiers working in the area. The neighbourhood is just minutes from Bratislava international airport, making it an attractive location for international investors, occupiers or banks. In addition, strong occupier demand over the past two years has spurred development activity: more than 250,000 sq m of office buildings are under construction in the city.**

Our property experts can answer your questions about property value in Slovakia whether you’re an investor, occupier or bank.


*Source: World Bank
**Source: BNPPRE Office Handbook 2017



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Our real estate experts in Slovakia can be your privileged partner in your property valuation projects with the help of our dedicated research and analytics teams. In addition, our real estate expertise covers all kinds of property assets.




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