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For every type of asset, BNP Paribas Real Estate – Valuation has local real estate experts covering all of Hungary. With its established property market and competitive prices, Hungary has drawn the attention of investors, occupiers and banks for a wide variety of asset classes. Discover what the country has to offer.

Property valuation in Hungary

With its location at the centre of the CEE region, Hungary’s services market has long kept the attention of real estate investors, bankers and occupiers .The BNP Paribas Real Estate – Valuation team is able to address the property valuation needs of clients for all property asset types in Hungary.

Understanding Hungarian property value

With a population of approximately 10 million*, Hungary is a popular location for international companies looking for skilled labour force. As a centre for business services, it is an attractive location for investors, occupiers and banks working with Western, Eastern and Southern clients. 

Hungarian infrastructure, an element that affects local market and rental value, has seen significant development in the past few years. Hungary has a highly developed transport system. Budapest is the main hub for the Hungarian railway system (MÁV), with three main train stations: Keleti, Nyugati, and Déli. Our property experts understand the importance of such elements in the valuation of your property in Hungary.

Furthermore, the Hungarian real estate market is strong:  Hungary is the recipient of EU funding through to 2020 to boost its economy and improve its business environment to attract investors. Though the Hungarian office market is primarily centred on the capital, some modern office space is also being built in regional centres such as Gyor, Szekefehevar and Debrecen.

Property valuation in the main Hungarian cities

Property valuation in Budapest



As one of the first cities on the map of Business Process Outsourcing, the capital city of Budapest is home to the majority of R&D centres in Hungary. The “Heart of Budapest” renewal program aims to ease traffic and revitalise the historic centre of the city. Phase 1 of the project involved the construction of a 1.7 km long axis through the city to ease traffic.

Though Budapest is the economic centre of Hungary, regional centres such as Debrecen and Gyor benefit from their proximity to neighbouring countries.  




Property valuation in Debrecen




Debrecen is Hungary’s second largest city and serves as a main transport hub for international travellers. It is home to the country’s second largest airport. The city’s proximity to Ukraine and Romania facilitates international trade, and a new motorway connects the city to Budapest, facilitating regional interactions.




Property valuation in Gyor


Gyor is located just one hour outside of Budapest and serves as an important industrial and cultural centre. The city is home to the largest engine manufacturing plant in Europe and will undergo a significant transformation in coming years: the city has approved construction of a new bridge across the Moson-Danube, a cycle route alongside Route 82 to connect the district of Pannonhalma to Budapest. The city has also planned the renovation of its regional bus terminal and railway station.

Whether you’re an occupier, bank or investor, our valuers are ready to answer all of your questions needs about the Hungarian property market.


*Source: World Bank



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Our dedicated valuers at local BNP Paribas Real Estate Valuation agencies can guide you in the valuation of your property in Hungary thanks to our deep understanding of regional market practices. In addition, our property valuation teams cover all types of property assets.




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